Thursday, June 07, 2012

National Bison Range

That unfamiliar, yellow ball reappeared in the sky so I headed up to the National Bison Range. This federal wildlife refuge is home to 350-500 bison and numerous other critters. The Red Sleep Mountain Drive is a 19-mile, one-way, gravel road which gains 2,000 feet. There are many switchbacks and 10% grades along the drive. No trailers or vehicles over 32 feet are allowed.

One benefit of the recent rain is that it turned to snow at the higher elevations which made today's drive very scenic...


Kernut the Blond said...

Aww, shucks. You added me to your blog role! Thank you much, Darlin'! (I can call you 'Darlin' now that we're all linked and stuff, right? ;)

I'm enjoying your blog and photos of cooler locales... it's in the 90's here in Texas and time to head out. Just don't know where yet as I don't do storms or snow. Or California prices, anymore.

Jim Brown said...

At my age I am happy to have a woman call me anything. Thanks for adding my site to your Great Blogs page.