Friday, September 14, 2012

Burr Trail / Notom Road Loop

What started out as a leisurely drive to Escalante turned into a real adventure and then the first steps towards my sainthood.

Highway 12 from Torrey is a scenic byway that takes you up over the mountains of the Dixie National Forest. It's a great way to get from Capitol Reef National Park to Bryce Canyon National Park. This time of year the leaves are starting to turn and in a couple of weeks it would be a great fall foliage ride on a motorcycle.

On a whim I took the Burr Trail Road at Boulder which took me into the southern section of the Capitol Reef National Park. In my world this is what passes for serendipity - an incredibly scenic drive that was part Zion National Park, part Valley of Fire State Park, and part Canyonlands Shafer Trail. I took close to a hundred photographs. Picking just a few for the blog was tough.

About half way across the park and out in the middle of nowhere, I came across a young French couple whose rental car had died. In as much as the nearest cell phone service was over 50 miles away, I gave them a ride to the visitor's center and then to their motel in Torrey. The rental car company told them they would have a replacement vehicle delivered in about three hours.

As if that was not enough good deeds for the day, I then jump started a young man's truck at the restaurant where I had dinner. Someone call the Pope and get the paperwork started. I am on a roll.

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