Friday, September 28, 2012

Hells Revenge - Fins & Things Ride

Today was the most difficult and challenging ride I have experienced to date. And it was a blast! I have been wanting to ride Hells Revenge and Fins & Things since arriving in Moab but could not find anyone in the park who would join me. Fortunately, I came across the Red Rockin’ Rendezvous ATV & UTV Event and signed up for a guided tour. I could not have asked for a better introduction to a couple of Moab's most notorious trails. Plus, I got to watch some of the best UTV riders I have ever seen. They made it look easy.

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 The event did not have BLM permits to ride Hells Gate, The Escalator, or the Hot Tubs... which after seeing them was just fine with me.

The Escalator

Hot Tub

Here's a video that gives you some idea of what it is like to ride a rock ridge on Hells Revenge. It's a straight drop of several hundred feet on either side of the trail...

A track of the ride including distance, time, speed and elevation has been uploaded to EveryTrail.

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