Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spring & Hey Joe Canyons Ride

As I was walking around the campground this morning looking for some off-road riders that I could join, I came across a group that was just heading out for the day. I did not have enough time to load up my RZR but was fortunate to have Bob, the group's guide, invite me to join him in his RZR.

We trailered up to the Canyonlands area north of Moab, unloaded on one of those dirt roads that goes to the horizon, and then headed to an old, abandoned uranium mine at Hey Joe Canyon. The highlight of the day was the narrow, crooked road from the top of Spring Canyon to the bottom (and back). The views were simply spectacular (see video at the end of post).

Beginning of Spring Canyon

Thousand foot drop straight down

The Wild Bunch

103 year old inscription

Trail by the Green River

Although Moab and the national parks are crowded this time of year, the only other vehicles we saw all day were three motorcycles.

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