Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back To The Coke Ovens

Terry and I took Gary and John to the Coke Ovens via Martinez Canyon. Those guys from Michigan do not know the meaning of the word "fear" (or for that matter a lot of other words in the English dictionary). I believe that if we had ridden off the side of a cliff, they would have followed us. Click on photos to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim,
We love ATVing too. I notice all the machines are 800's....why so many 800's and not the 800 S or 900XP? Is it cost related or a width issue? As I know many of the trails only allow 50" widths.
Just curious? Love the pics, we're preparing to hit the road as well and I have been trying to figure out how to take the toys along with a toad. Was thinking of buying a jeep but really love the UTV's. Guess a car hauler trailer is in order?

Jim Brown said...

I chose the 800 because it fits in the back of my toyhauler and goes through 50" gates ( In my opinion, the biggest disadvantage of the UTVs as compared to a jeep is that you cannot ride them on national and state park roads/trails, even if they are street legal. Good luck in your travels.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response! Looks like a blast and we are looking forward to starting our travels. Want to ride all the dunes riding areas across the country also, so may opt for the S for the wider stance or 900 XP for all the extra HP & suspension travel.
Be safe out there!