Friday, March 08, 2013

Genetic Defect

I have often joked that I must have a defective gene that causes me to do things and take risks that normal people avoid (I offer this blog as evidence). It turns out I may be right.

"There is a mutation of a variant of a gene called DRD4, which helps control dopamine, a chemical brain messenger important in learning and reward. Researchers have repeatedly tied the variant, known as DRD4-7R and carried by roughly 20 percent of all humans, to curiosity and restlessness. Dozens of human studies have found that 7R makes people more likely to take risks; explore new places, ideas, foods, relationships, drugs, or sexual opportunities; and generally embrace movement, change, and adventure. Studies in animals simulating 7R’s actions suggest it increases their taste for both movement and novelty."

Please excuse me but I have this sudden urge to explore new places, ideas, foods, relationships, drugs, and sexual opportunities.

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