Monday, March 04, 2013


When I see the amount of waste in government, I have even more contempt for the politicians who want to cut essential services in order to force tax increases.

On pages S451-S453 of the Congressional Record there is an excellent summary of what's wrong with Federal Spending in this country. Here's one example from that document: "Just a few weeks ago the Treasury Department issued its year-end report for fiscal 2012. One of the bombshells in this report that has received virtually no coverage or commentary is the estimate by the Government Accountability Office that $108 billion was lost to improper payments by the Federal Government". $108 billion is 27% more than the $85 billion the current sequestration calls for.

Senator Tom Coburn in his "Wastebook 2012" lists 100 government programs that cost taxpayers $18 billion. These projects could be eliminated and the average American would not even know it had happened. Add in all the pork barrel items that are tacked on to almost all legislation as pay back for special interests and big donors and it becomes obvious that cutting $85 billion from a $3.539 trillion budget (only 2.4%) should not curtail essential services.

Lastly, visit the US Debt Clock to see the cumulative costs of our $16 trillion deficit (which works out to be over $147,000 per taxpayer) and why it so important to control spending in Washington.

Addendum (3/5/2013):  Here's an excellent article on "Budget Politics"

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