Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sand Flats Recreation Area

Back in January I was contacted by a representative of the Sand Flats Recreation Area asking if they could use one of my photos for a informational kiosk that was to be posted at the entrance to the area. Of course, I said "yes" as I figured this is as close to fame and fortune as I will ever get...

Posted at the entrance to the Sand Flats Recreational Area

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As you are returning to Moab just outside the Flats entrance, you will see the "Lion's Back", a stone structure that people used to ride down (it's now closed and privately owned). If you look closely at the following photo, you can see in the bottom right hand corner a vehicle that crashed and is wedged between the rocks...

Click here to see a video of a jeep driving down the Lion's Back. Click here to see a vehicle crashing at the base - fortunately, the passengers suffered only minor injuries.

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