Tuesday, August 06, 2013

RV Repair

Somewhere on the trip from Colorado to North Carolina, I lost the cover to the refrigerator vent on the roof. I figure I either drove too close to a tree branch or a giant bird of prey took it (probably, the latter).

I discovered the loss when during a recent rain event, the GFCI tripped and I lost power to one side of the RV. Thinking the outlet had gone bad, I replaced it but to no avail. Then I noticed the refrigerator was running on gas instead of electric which caused me to look outside and sure enough, here is what I discovered...


Enough water had gotten into the area behind the refrigerator to short circuit the GFCI. Fortunately, once it dried out, everything started working again. After a trip to Camping World for a universal cover, I was able to make the following repair...


It's nice to know that if this blogging thing does not work out, I now have a new skill set to fall back on.

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