Thursday, April 03, 2014

Fins N Things & Hells Revenge

In as much as I am running out of adjectives to describe these trails, I have asked Ione to do it for me...

"Here's me (Ione Styve). So many adjectives and none of them can do justice to the phenomenal day led by Jim. I finally came up with magical fantasyland, as my last contribution. Before that, incredible, fantastic, unreal, surreal, beautiful, magnificent, scary and terrible, Oh shit, Holy holy, not good. Crazy, suicide, Ridiculous to even try. Overall a wonderful adventure lead by an experienced, very adventurous guy. Thanks Jim from Paul and me.!!!!!  Also  #&!!XX You to hell!!  WOW!!!!!  Fins and Things and Hell's Revenge!!  We'll be back!"

Ione doing her best to keep the front wheels on the ground

Here they are getting ready for the big climb

Making it look easy

Devils Hot Tub

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