Monday, April 28, 2014

Top Of The World

If you have a fear of heights, you probably should not go to the Top of the World. After a rocky climb that can be challenging in some places, you suddenly come onto this precipice where it is several thousand feet straight down. There is no guard rail or any other impediment between you and the drop - just air. I have heard others describe this sight/site as "incredible", "gave me goosebumps", "must see", etc but nothing quite prepares you for actually being there. It is simply breathtaking!

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As an added bonus, the 30 mile drive up the Colorado River is one of the most scenic in the area. Today, on the drive back, the brilliant red cliffs were highlighted by the snow on the La Sal mountains and a dark, azure blue sky.

Wait... it just occurred to me that if everyone starts coming to Moab, then it would become like a national park - crowded and expensive. On second thought, forget everything that I have ever written about Moab - it sucks! The weather is terrible, the scenery is blah and the off-road riding is downright pathetic. You should definitely take your vacation somewhere else. <grin>

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