Saturday, July 05, 2014

In Memory of Bob Micklick

Last Spring I had the good fortunate to pull into a RV site next to Bob "The Gray Fox" Micklick, an avid off-road enthusiast, who had over a million miles in Jeeps and had been coming to Moab since 1967. We became friends and rode together there and again in Arizona that winter. I learned of Bob's passing last night via the following email that I presume was sent to everyone by one of his friends on his behalf...

Adios Amigos,

I have led my last trail,
I have told my last tale,
I have caught my last fish,
and I send my last e-mail.

I departed, peacefully, on my last great journey this morning at 9:13. I leave you with wonderful memories of all the grand trails that we have traveled together over the years. Miss me, but not too much! "Don't Ya know" Keep on Wheelin and enjoy every day to the utmost!

The Gray Fox

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