Monday, December 08, 2014

Pinal Peak

I downloaded a track from Everytrail to my gps that allowed me to loop Pinal Peak south of Globe, AZ. Once again, it was not a hard trail but had enough variety that I was able to gain more experience in the Jeep, particularly, with off-camber and hill climbing conditions.

As you climb in elevation, the desert recedes and you enter an area of tall pines and cooler temperatures. It's like two rides in one.

The road less traveled

Surprise of the day

View from 7,777 feet

My ATV/UTV friends are beginning to suggest that I am getting soft now that I am inside a cab protected from the elements and enjoying the comfort of heating and air conditioning. Nonsense! Just today the cappuccino machine in the Jeep broke and I had to rough it by going to Starbucks. Hey... no one said driving off-road was going to be easy.


Anonymous said...

Jim......... Not too jealous of the cappuccino, but the heat, oh yeah.....

Jim Brown said...

It's the dust I find most annoying. It gets into everything.