Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cave Men/Women

After my Apache Tears Cave post, a group of park residents decided to ride their side-by-sides there to seek their fortune in rare gems and minerals. In as much as the weather forecast called for a high near 80 degrees today, I chose to drive over in my air conditioned jeep (this being a family oriented blog, I cannot repeat the language that was directed towards me as a result of that decision).

I stopped for breakfast in Queen Valley and discovered a group of classic car enthusiasts were there also...

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For you history buffs, the old Town of Pinal is located along the road to the cave. Click here for a short description of the town and the locations of the buildings and mill (only the foundations are left).

More photos...

The cave is huge

Incredible scenery everywhere you look

Queen Creek from the comfort of an air conditioned jeep

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