Tuesday, March 10, 2015


In looking for fun ways to use gps, I came across an interesting app called Munzee. Their website will provide you with the details but in short, it is like geocaching but with some very clever twists including points for "deploying" and "capturing" Munzees. Another way to think of this app is an electronic scavenger hunt using QR codes.

After setting up a free account online and downloading the app to my smartphone, I jumped in the Jeep and drove to the two closest Munzees. It turned out they were not very far from the RV park and were placed in spots that correlated well with their Munzee Name. That's when I began to see how this app could be habit forming.

I then created my own Munzee and posted it at the entrance to the Arizonian. I am curious to see how many of my friends here in the park will find it. If you decide to try the app, let me know in the "comment" section below how you like it.

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