Saturday, April 25, 2015

RZR EBS Warning

My 2015 RZR 900 XC is equipped with an Engine Braking System (EBS) which normally does a good job slowing the machine on downhill inclines. However, much to my surprise and dismay, I discovered that on very steep, long sections of sandstone here in Moab, it will actually cause the drive belt to smoke when in four wheel low. Apparently, the traction is so good the tires will not slide and the force on the belt is so strong that it begins to slip and heat up.

Once hot, the belt stuck to the clutch and would not let go. The only way for me to change gears was to shut off the engine, shift gears and then restart the engine. Fortunately, once the belt cooled down, everything returned to normal and it appears no permanent damage was done. I now shift into four wheel high on steep downhills and use the brake to control speed. Anyone else have this problem?

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MT. Knight said...

Brakes are a sign of weakness anyway.