Sunday, February 21, 2016


I was running a little low on cash so I drove up to Las Vegas to win enough money that I could return to Moab this Spring. After a couple of days in town, there were a few things that I found interesting.

First, there are a lot of young people here. Having spent the last four months in the retirement capital of the southwest, I have been used to seeing old people everywhere I go (not to mention looking in the mirror). I must admit I found myself gawking at some of the ladies.

Second, are there any young women over the age of 18 that do not have tattoos? If I had the money they spent on them, I could not only go to Moab but I could buy myself a new RZR 1000 to run with the big boys.

Third, the homeless population here is getting worse. Every block has panhandlers begging for money. There was even one guy whose sign read you could "punch him in the nuts". This world is getting way too weird for me.

Lastly, here's a neat photo of a gondola at the Venetian where the water is so clear, it looks like it is floating in air...

Click on photo to enlarge

PS - Vegas is a Munzee mecca. And not only did I score a lot of points but according to my Fitbit, I walked a little over 20,000 steps. I do not believe I can consume enough alcohol tonight to dull the pain.

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