Sunday, July 03, 2016

Jeep the USA

I discovered a website (Jeep the USA) that lists jeep trails and gpx tracks in the western U.S. Today, I downloaded the tracks for Wave-Eagle Loop 2.5 and Elephant Skin Road GP to my GPS for the purpose of learning the difficulty scale used by the site's owner so that I do not get in over my head. I have found that trail ratings are relative to one's experience and can vary greatly depending on the "eye of the beholder".

Unfortunately, recent rains turned the Wave-Eagle Loop 2.5 into a quagmire so I was unable to complete it. Water turns dirt roads here into a gooey mess that clogs tire treads so that you feel like you are driving on ice (which is right up there with listening to politicians as one of my favorite things to do)...

Although Elephant Skin Road GP was still sticky, it was passable. The scenery went from lush and green to a landscape that reminded me of the Badlands in South Dakota...

Lots of dirt bike riders here

The colors reminded me of Onion Creek in Moab

Here are a couple of critters that I encountered along the way...

Eagle taking flight

Prairie dog

All in all, I think the Jeep the USA site is going to be a great resource for finding and mapping trails in the area.

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