Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sticker Shock

It's hard to believe I have been a full-time RVer for five years. This was brought home by my needing to renew my drivers license this year before my birthday. Due to recent homeland security laws, I can no longer renew my license online. I have to go to South Dakota and show two pieces of documentation that I am a resident including proof that I have spent at least one night in the State in the last year (in my opinion, this has to do more with revenue raising than national security).

In any event, I decided to take my time, drive up and enjoy the sights. What I did not count on was the cost of motels this time of the year. Last night, the least expensive room I could find was $124.95/night. Today in Rapid City, I was shocked to see prices on what I would consider average motels at over $200/night. I finally found a Super 8 for $99.95/night. And these prices do not include local government's "stick-it-to-the-tourist tax" which has been 10-12% so far. For an old salesman that used to stay in Red Roof Inns for $19.95/night, this is a bit much.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real world of travel :). How's the wrist doing? Since you left the Moab area I'm assuming its OK.

Dean Spalding

Jim Brown said...

I am doing well and back to normal. Hopefully, it will be another 70 years before I break another bone.