Monday, August 01, 2016

Jeep Trouble

About a month ago, my jeep starting stalling at elevations above 9,000 feet (particularly, in the afternoon when the gas tank would be at half or less). The engine would not die but it would not generate enough rpm's to move. I had to turn the engine off and let everything cool down before being able to run again.

On 7/11 I took it to a dealer. The diagnostic testing showed no error codes and the fuel pump had the correct pressure. However, there was an update for the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) regarding fuel and altitude. The mechanic reprogrammed the PCM which he felt would solve the problem. Unfortunately, it did not.

This morning while climbing Imogene Pass, the loss of power problem returned. I have scheduled another appointment with the dealer this Thursday. If they cannot find anything wrong, I am thinking of having them replace the fuel pump and fuel filter. Considering some of the places I take the jeep, I am anxious to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

If anyone has any thoughts as to what may be wrong, please use the comment section below to let me know. Thanks!

Update (8/5/16): New fuel pump installed this morning. Waiting for dry weather to try it out in the mountains.

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