Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chloride Arizona

Chloride is a onetime silver mining town founded in 1862 and is considered the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in the state. After talking to a couple of locals, I got the impression that it attracts an eclectic crowd, who appreciates the remoteness and laid back lifestyle.

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Apparently, graffiti is encouraged

Looks like the train could pull up to the pumps for fuel


Chloride is also known for the Roy Purcell rock murals which are located ~1.5 miles east of town. The dirt road to the murals was quite rough today so I would recommend a high clearance vehicle to access them...

The murals were in the shade so I was unable to fully capture the brilliant colors

In 2006 Roy, along with other artists, returned to Chloride to restore the faded murals which were originally painted in 1966. I was told Roy is now 80 and has a gallery south of Tucson.


Sunny Weathers said...

Looks like you finally got some pretty weather and could get out. Hurray!

Jim Brown said...

It looks like a warm weekend but more cold temperatures for next week. I see you are headed south, hopefully, to lots of sunshine.