Friday, January 20, 2017

Visiting VIPs

Yesterday, while sitting on the couch contemplating solutions to our nation's problems, a brown truck pulled up behind the RV and a thin, skinny woman got out. She looked vaguely familiar but it wasn't until I saw Greg that I knew it was Merry. She immediately laid to rest my concern that she had gone bulimic and just to prove it, they invited me to join them for dinner. We had a great time at Shugrue's Restaurant overlooking the Colorado River and I got to hear the latest salacious gossip from the Arizonian RV Park (the only thing known to travel faster than the speed of light).

That's the London Bridge in the background

PS - my solution to the national debt crisis is to fine all politicians $10,000 every time they tell a lie. I figure the country will be out of debt in no time at all.

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