Monday, March 27, 2017

Captain's Log Stardate 94838.55

Log Entry

  • I-40 between Kingman and Flagstaff is in serious need of President Trump's infrastructure spending. There were places where it was easier to drive in the potholes and dodge the high spots in the road.
  • Near Williams it appeared that a massive manhunt was underway. Law enforcement vehicles with lights flashing were parked along the south side of the Interstate for miles with officers overlooking the fields and woods. I would not have wanted to be on foot in that area today. Update: they caught him.
  • It was 51 degrees in Flagstaff at 1:00 pm. A rude awakening to my finely tuned constitution.
  • Arrived safe & sound in Blanding, UT where I will be spending the night (tip of the day: motels in Blanding are cheaper than Moab this time of the year).
  • For the non-trekkies out there, click here for a Stardate calculator.
Captain out.

Monument Valley

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