Friday, September 08, 2017

Lake Havasu Heat

Yesterday, I dropped my Jeep and RZR off at the Havasu Falls RV Resort in Lake Havasu City where I will be spending the winter. It was 104 degrees F at 7:30 p.m. Glad I will not be going back until November 1st.

On I-40 my truck developed a vibration that suggested I might have a tire separation. I stopped at a Big O dealership in Kingman and sure enough, the right rear outside tire was separating. What I was not expecting was the left rear inside tire had no air in it due to a large hole; the outside tire was holding it up so that it was not easily visible. Three hours and $1400 later, I had a new set of tires on the truck.


Sunny Weathers said...

Wow - that was an expensive stop! Try not to make any more of those.

Jim Brown said...

At least I was not stranded out on the Interstate. That would have been even more expensive.