Sunday, March 30, 2014

High Winds & Dust

Would you believe that after having my RV and truck washed and waxed yesterday, I would drive into a massive dust storm in northeastern Arizona. At times, visibility was down to less than a hundred yards. Near the Utah state line, a class C motorhome was turned over on its side, presumably, by the wind. Fortunately, I had no problems.

And that fine red powder gets into everything including the inside of the truck and fifth wheel. It reminded me of Ken Burns' documentary about the "Dust Bowl" during the 1930s.

My original intent was to spend the night in Tuba City but the conditions were just too miserable so I drove on to Goulding's Monument Valley Camp Park in Utah. It's still windy but the dust is not as bad. It appears I will be rocked to sleep tonight.

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