Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jeep Adventure

Sunny and Stormy rented a modified, rock-crawling jeep for the purpose of getting off-road and seeing some of the magnificent back country around Moab...

Running over the Gooney Bird's foot for good luck

View near the Gemini Bridges

View near the Gemini Bridges

Dellenbaugh Tunnel

Secret Spire

Top of the World

Old ladder along the Colorado River


Nathan Walkington said...

Looked the one we rented but I see it was the 2 door.... did you want to upgrade after driving it??

Jim Brown said...

I did not drive it but my friends were very happy with it. I am still undecided on whether to upgrade my jeep to make it more rock crawler capable.

Cedrick said...

What other type vehicle other than a Jeep could get you to those far off the road places? Those pictures are amazing, and your Jeep was able to easily get you back there without issue. I have the same Jeep but only take it on the beach. Great to see it can really handle the rough terrain in your neck of the woods.

Jim Brown said...

I have been amazed at where a stock Jeep Rubicon will go. Plus, it is a fun vehicle to drive.