Saturday, September 24, 2016

Z-Edge Z3 Dash Cam

After my recent experience with the hay bale truck, I purchased a dash cam to document any future accidents. I will also use it in the jeep to record my off-road adventures.

The Z-Edge Z3 is a compact, easy to use dash cam with excellent video recording capabilities including resolutions up to 2K. It has an impressive range of features but rather than listing them here, I will refer you to their website. My initial impression is it is a great camcorder for the price.

The only disappointment to date is that it arrived without the 32 GB TF or Micro SDHD card that should have been included with the unit. I have emailed their technical support group and am awaiting their reply.

Here is a video segment that was recorded at 2560×1080 (30 fps). If you have the bandwidth, enlarge the video to "Full Screen" and view at one of the HD settings...

Update (9/27/16): The manufacturer has refunded $15 to my account for the purchase of a card. Although I paid $26.46 for a 32 GB SanDisk card at Walmart, I liked the fact that their customer service department got back to me within 24 hours of my original email and initiated the refund.


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