Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Between fake news, spoiled sports millionaires and really dumb reality shows, I have not been watching much commercial TV lately. As an alternative I have started watching YouTube videos which have turned out to be surprisingly entertaining and informative. There are some talented people out there who make a very good living producing professional videos.

After a long and exhaustive study of these videos (okay, it may have been a few hours of binge watching while consuming mass quantities of alcohol), I believe I have discovered the secret to successful vblogging...
  1. Initially, you have to reach a large number of viewers. This is generally done by creating a video that goes viral. First, you need an interesting title such as “What Would A Chair Look Like If Your Knees Bent In The Other Direction” or “Microwaving Cats For Fun & Profit”. Second, you need an eye catching thumbnail photo (aka "clickbait"). Scantily clothed women or cute kids/pets work best. Third, you need a video about something that very few people have seen before. Things like a politician telling the truth or California reducing taxes would be good examples.
  2. Second, although a viral video will get you a large number of views, you need to produce quality, engaging videos on a regular basis to add subscribers to your channel. This is known as WORK! I suspect this is where Millennials still living with their parents lose interest in this post.
  3. Lastly, you need to create the illusion of a personal connection with your viewers. I believe this is why attractive, young women and eccentric, hyperactive men do well. This is also the reason I will never make the big bucks vblogging as the only people interested in my lifestyle are insomniacs looking for ways to fall asleep.
I hope this short tutorial is helpful and will prepare you for a successful career as a YouTuber.


Anonymous said...


Apparently you and I share the same political views. Unfortunately, I think we are a dying breed, literally and figuratively. I think most TV programming is an insult to common intelligence. The awards programs anymore are simply a platform for a political statement. And one more point...... where did the "Country" go from "Country Music". I just don't get it. Okay, now I'll stop bitchin'. Keep up the good work.

Jim Brown said...

Thanks! Although I try not to be too political with my blog posts, occasionally, my distrust of government, politicians and liberals slips out. I travel a lot in middle America, purposely avoiding the big cities on both coasts, and what I have found is a large number of people who feel the same way.

Steve Berke said...

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Jim Brown said...