Monday, November 21, 2016

Online Order Reply

Like a lot people, I order stuff online for the convenience and pricing. If I get an email reply, it normally says "Thanks" and lists the item purchased. The response I got from Right Channel after ordering a CB installation kit is so unique and funny, I am posting it below...

All was quiet today until the Right Channel warehouse intercom crackled to life: 

"Listen up, people!  We've got a new order for James Brown from Arizona ....."

....but no one could hear the rest of the announcement over the thunderous roar of applause. Champagne bottles were popped. Tears of joy were shed. “Don’t Stop Believing” rang from every speaker. Even Alan our peak packer smiled—and Alan never smiles.

Simply put, your order caused pandemonium and everyone is thrilled you're now a customer. Thank you!

Update 11/22/16...

After our celebration of your order subsided, we went sprinting off down the warehouse isles to find, pull and pack your purchase.  Soon, your items were safely packaged and we handed them off to Eric, our trusty off-road courier.  

He set off in his Land Cruiser FJ40 from our wooded Montana warehouse braving deeply rutted roads and swift streams.  After winching himself out of an especially muddy section of trail, he finally arrived at our rural Montana shipping station.  Mud spattered and weary, he dashed inside with your package under arm, just in time to catch the last truck leaving for the day. 

We've got some good news! All of the items from your order have now been shipped.

Update 11/23/16...

We know you've never needed those pesky in-the-box directions.  And we're guessing you won't need them for your CB upcoming install, either.

But just in case your "buddy" runs into trouble with his install, we thought we'd pass these resources along.  They cover everything from tuning your antenna to troubleshooting high SWR issues.  We hope they're helpful (to your buddy, that is).  


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I'm just happy that I was able to make Alan smile.


You Know how those Montana people are!